Our mission

    1. The general aims of the organization are : 
  1.  To promote engagement of men and boys in preventing and ending all forms of violence
  2. To raise awareness about the effects of the violence committed by men and boys
  3. To foster equability between genders and sexes

In order to achieve its goals, the Organisation will adopt a wide spectrum of violence prevention in its operations, namely:

  1. Strengthening individual knowledge and skills on violence prevention
  2. Promote community education
  3. Educate providers
  4. Foster coalitions and networks
  5. Changing organisational practices in other organisations
  6. Influence policy and legislation.

To achieve its aims, the Organisation may organise conferences, symposia, workshops, courses or meetings of any other nature, issue digitally or printed publications, develop methods and instruments and perform other kinds of activities, all as far as it is appropriate to reach its aims.